Friday, January 23, 2015

Active Prompt - Drag a Red Dot to Show Your Response

Active Prompt is a clever visual polling - survey site.

It's really pretty simple to use and no account is required.

First find an image. 
Next ask others to drag a red dot to a certain location on the image.
(You only have 24 characters, so keep it short)
 Share the link for others to participate.
Check out the results with the link to the responses

I used Active Prompt to see which social network people like best.

Try it out! Click here to participate.

Click here to see the responses.

Here are some possible ways to use Active Prompt in the classroom:

  • Active Prompt would be a great way to see if your students understand a concept. 
  • Your students could collect data using Active Prompt and graph the results.
  • Active Prompt would be a neat way for you to conduct a quick poll on an issue or debate.
  • Use images that illustrate a story and then periodically have students show understanding of the story by marking a part of the illustration.

I highly recommend trying Active Prompt with your students as a unique way to "prompt" your students for their input.

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