Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quick Key App Saves the Day!

Today's Chat with Deb is about an ios app called Quick Key. This app allows teachers to assess students with a bubble sheet and the app will quickly scan the bubbles and produce class reports of the results.

Watch the Chat with Deb to see more:

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Active Prompt - Drag a Red Dot to Show Your Response

Active Prompt is a clever visual polling - survey site.

It's really pretty simple to use and no account is required.

First find an image. 
Next ask others to drag a red dot to a certain location on the image.
(You only have 24 characters, so keep it short)
 Share the link for others to participate.
Check out the results with the link to the responses

I used Active Prompt to see which social network people like best.

Try it out! Click here to participate.

Click here to see the responses.

Here are some possible ways to use Active Prompt in the classroom:

  • Active Prompt would be a great way to see if your students understand a concept. 
  • Your students could collect data using Active Prompt and graph the results.
  • Active Prompt would be a neat way for you to conduct a quick poll on an issue or debate.
  • Use images that illustrate a story and then periodically have students show understanding of the story by marking a part of the illustration.

I highly recommend trying Active Prompt with your students as a unique way to "prompt" your students for their input.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Penzu - A Chrome App for Writing and Sharing a Journal

Last week a teacher asked me to recommend a site that would work well for students to journal with the possibility to also share the journal with the the teacher.

There are plenty of apps for keeping a journal on the Internet and each has it own special feature, but after exploring about a half dozen apps, my recommendation would be a Chrome app called Penzu.

Here are the features that I like about Penzu:
  • Signing up for an account is simple and free

  • There is an option to lock the journal entry for privacy.

  • There is a full text editor with the option to insert images and hyperlinks.

  • To make the journal look appealing, you can choose a background 

  • Sharing a journal entry can be done through email or through a public link.

  • Journaling is good therapy after a disappointing event (notice my journal topic) and Penzu is a great tool for making this lady feel a tiny bit better.

I highly recommend giving Penzu a try and if you do, let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Google Keep / - Make Lists and Take Notes

#1   Google Keep (an ios app and web site) - Create sticky notes for to do lists, notes and reminders.
  • color code your notes
  • create a to do list and check off items
  • insert an image
  • set a reminder to notify you on a future date
  • share a note with others and work on the same note in real time
  • archive notes for easy retrieval or to reuse them in the future.

#2  (a Chrome App and Mobile App)- Introduce students to this amazing app for organizing, making lists and taking notes. 

Here are some of the great features of 

  • Works on any computer, tablet or phone
  • Quickly creates tasks and sets priority to the tasks
  • Sets deadlines to tasks
  • View the tasks as a timeline to see what is coming up
  • Invite and collaborate with friends in real time
  • Take notes in an outline format
  • Import tasks from other sources
  • Export tasks
Here is an example of my notes on setting goals for the new year.

Colors represent priorities
Use the @ symbol to add calendar items
Import lists
Here is a helpful video:

I highly recommend teaching your students how to use  or Google Keep for creating lists, staying organized and taking notes.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chat with Deb - Green Screening as an Innovative Technology

Today's Chat with Deb is all about using the popular green screen app from Doink.  

In this episode you will see how to set up a green screen and use this simple app. Be warned that there is a major photo bomb during the video and a special historical visitor.

There are many great technologies to incorporate into today's digital lessons, but there is something magical and innovative about green screening.  For more information on green screening, make sure to check out the Classroom Challenge post from my friend Gail Holmes in the Teachers Engage Community.  

I hope you have a chance to give the app from Doink a try and if you have an idea of how green screening could be used in a classroom, please share with the rest of us in the comments below.

Thank you to Intel's Teachers Engage for sponsoring this Chat with Deb.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Create Time Lapse Videos and More with Ladibug

There's a new app in town called Ladibug

Ladibug can be used to take pictures with a webcam and then mark up and annotate those pictures.
Here is a picture of the reflection board in my office with some markups on it.

The orange and pink lines are my markups that I added.

When you first open Ladibug, don't let all of the tools scare you. Just hover over an icon and you will see what they are used for.

Ladibug can also be set up to take a time lapse video - which is what I feel makes it different from most screen capture tools.

Here is a video I created from the captured photos of my husband shoveling off our deck.  Ladibug itself does not create the video, but it was simple enough for me to download the captured images from Ladibug and import them into Wevideo to create a quick time lapse video.

When setting up the time lapse there are a few settings to choose from such as delaying when it will start, how many intervals between each photo that is to be captured and also how many frames will be captured per hour.

I highly recommend giving the Ladibug Chrome app a try. 
Here are some possible ideas of how this app could be used:

  • Capture an event over time such as my shoveling video.
  • Survey an area in your classroom or school over a period of time.
  • Create a video of food as it is being cooked or dehydrated.
  • Show the progress of an art project as it is being created.
  • Show the change in weather.

Need more inspiration?  Click here