Sunday, October 5, 2014

Use Annotary to Have Students Critically Analyze Websites

In October we focus on Digital Citizenship.
One of the skills we want our students to be proficient at is having a critical eye when deciding if a website is a reliable and accurate source.

We also want to make sure that our students have the ability to determine if the information on a website is credible. This is a serious issue when we consider the recent events with the Slenderman case of the young lady who was knifed because her friends believed in this fictional character.

Watch this Chat with Deb to see how a new tool called Annotary can be used to have students mark up a webpage and share out what their critical eye sees. 

Click here for Kathy Schrock's list of sites to use for critical evaluation

Click here for Common Sense Media lessons

Click here for Deb's Blendspace Lesson on Digital Footprints

Click here for the Annotary site.

Click here for the Annotary extension.

Click here for the Notable PDF extension

Click here for a checklist students can use to check the credibility of a webpage.

Thank you to Intel's Teachers Engage for sponsoring this Chat with Deb

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