Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks for Sharing!

Inspiration from my wonderful colleagues comes in all different forms this week:

#1 Amy used Bringit.bz - This site allows a person to make a sign up for any event. Amy used this site for a upcoming soup luncheon that we will be having. Click here to take a tour of the site.

Here are 30 ideas for using Bringit.bz
One way I could see using Bringit.bz is to allow students to choose a role that they would like to have and then create groups based on those choices. 
Click here to see my example:

#2 Ginger is using Easynotecards.com to help her students learn content. This site lets you create flashcards and then students can use the flashcards in several ways:

Click here to view a set of cards on the 50 states.
I enjoyed playing the Bingo game and found that I was challenged, but also improved considerably the more I played.

#3 Abby is using Replayit.com to collect photos for our yearbook.  

Click here for FAQ.  I look forward to using this site because it is convenient and simple to use.

#4 Catherine is looking into Class Flow. This site allows you to create a lesson that is interactive with your students. 
I remember hearing about Class Flow at the ISTE conference. This site looks like a great tool for classrooms with 1:1 devices.

Click here for the Class Flow You Tube Channel

Aren't these wonderful resources? Thank you to Amy, Ginger, Abby and Catherine for sharing the great tools that they have found. These educators add inspiration to my job every day. 

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