Monday, May 12, 2014

In Case You Didn't Hear. . .

Here are a few blog posts and articles that have come my way recently telling us about things that are up and coming or have just arrived.

#1 Smartamp - SMART (the company that makes SMART boards) has unveiled a new way for students to collaborate and connect.  It is calles Smartamp.  I watched the live webinar last week to see the introduction to Smartamp, and I am impressed and excited for this new software.

Click here for the Smartamp site.  Click here for a blog post by Vicki Davis.

#2 Adobe launched a new iPad app called Voice, a storytelling tool.  Click here for a blog post.  Click here to download the free app.

#3 New mobile apps for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.  The apps have been updated to make things quicker and easier to find, create and edit.  Click here for a blogpost.

#4 Google Maps also has some great updates!!

#5 Plickers is a new solution to polling a class without the need for clickers.  Plickers doesn't even require that students have a device! Watch this demonstration:

#6 Common Craft has made a video to explain computer programming.  I love the way that Common Craft explains complicated things. 

#7 Microsoft introduced Office Mix, a new plug-in for Powerpoint that allows for multimedia and interactive elements.

#8 Kahoot now allows the teacher to kick out inappropriate names. Click here to see how.

#9 Google Classroom - Google will be releasing Classroom, a LMS, that will be available next September to anyone with the GAFE suite.  Click here for a blog post.

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