Friday, January 31, 2014

Technologies We've Been Using Lately

Here are the sites our students have used or will be using this month in our classroom.  We are using technology to promote authentic learning and problem solving.  As always, the technology is being integrated into learning. 

Educanon is very quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for assessing student understanding while viewing a YouTube video.  This is an amazing site!

Here is my latest creation for Black History Month.  I love that I can assign this to my students and then watch as they answer the questions.  The students love the instant feedback.  

Our students created book reviews on a Google Document.  We then created QR codes linked to their book reviews and displayed them on a bulletin board.

This is the easiest word cloud maker around.  Our students used this site with their spelling words.  They rolled a dice and then typed the word the number of times on the dice.  They then chose the settings they desired and created a really cool word cloud.  

Blended Learning using Schoology with an online course about our planet will be a big hit in our classroom.  Class discussions, quizzes, albums, badges  and more!  At the end of the course students will be creating a presentation using either Glogster, Google Presentations or Prezi.  This will be a technology rich online environment!

Brain Pop - We will be spending some time with Tim and Moby.  They have a huge amount of videos on the Earth and environment:

This should be a great month in our classroom with all of the technology being integrated and consumed by our students.  

Many times people will ask me how I find time to do it all.  Here is my secret:  I try to incorporate one new tool each month.  Last month is was Kahoot.  This month it is eduCanon.  The other sites in the list above are all things I have done before and I'm familiar with.  

Here's wishing you a technology rich week where the learning drives your instruction and the technology is naturally integrated.  In other words, "Don't teach technology, let the technology help with learning."

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