Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chat with Deb - Digital Learning Day

Wednesday, February 5th

Welcome to a new episode of Chat with Deb:

Here are some great sites to use with your students on DLD.  Most of them do not require a log in, so you and your students can be ready to go.

 Big Huge Labs edit photos and share

Jigsaw Planet create and share a puzzle.


QR Stuff create colorful qr codes.


QR Island  read a qr code with your PC webcam 

ABCya's Go Animate  create an animation and save it to your computer.

Tackk create a webpage with images, text, video, audio, hyperlinks, maps and more.  Easily share with others.

Scribble Maps use drawing tools to draw on top of a map.  Easily download and share your map with others.

Magnoto create an online poster similar to a Glogster.  You do need an account.

Padlet online sticky notes with capability to include links and video.  Use the free form or the stream layout to organize your sticky notes. The teacher needs an account. Students do not.

IXL- game-based site to practice math skills.  Free portion allows for a limited amount of usage per day. A paid membership allows for unlimited usage and additional features.

Google Books- read portions of books for free or purchase books to project in your classroom.  If you purchase a book, you can highlight, take notes, and save your place in the book.  

Recordmp3 - easily record audio and then save the file to your computer.  Upload the mp3 file onto other sites.

Thank you to Intel for Education and Teachers Engage for sponsoring this episode of Chat with Deb!


Jacqueline Charapata said...

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas to use on Digital Learning Day. I am going to try out QR codes in Social Studies. The students will be finishing up their explorer research. This is a fun and interactive way for them to share their essays with each other! Believe or not, I have never made a QR code. For some reason it seemed like a really daunting task. After watching your video, I can see that it is actually really easy. Thank you!!! When scanning the QR codes on the Ipads, do you need a special app?

Deb Norton said...

Hi Jacqueline,
I'm so glad that you are going to try QR codes. I like to use the SCAN app for reading QR codes. Our iPads already have this app on them, so you should be good to go.

Paulina said...

I think there's an app missing on this list, OMG! Nearpod should definitely be here! It's amazing.

Deb Norton said...

Hi Paulina,
Nearpod would be a great addition! Thanks for the suggestion!