Monday, November 18, 2013

My Feedly Finds For the Week

Feedly is a sight I use to follow a lot of different blogs.  It has been such a great week on the blogosphere that I just have to share some great finds from Feedly this past week.

#1 CLICK HERE to access Richard Byrne's blog (Free Technology for Teachers).  Richard shares that Educlipper now has a new feature which allows teachers to create assignment portfolios. 

#2 CLICK HERE to read The Digital Scoop blog where Susan shares a great lesson on inferring using Google Drawing.  

#3 CLICK HERE to see how Kristin from Technology Tailgate showcases different ways that she is using Augmented Reality in her classroom.  I'm very close to implementing some Augmented Reality into my math class.  I'm just waiting for the Layar App to be installed onto our iPads.

#4 CLICK HERE to read The Whiteboard Blog where Danny Nicholson shares a new app called Touchcast.  Touchcast is used to make interactive video presentations.  I actually first heard about this app from my friend Naomi Harm.  Touchcast is really an amazing tool that I can't wait to try!

#5 CLICK HERE to read Erin Klein's blog, Kleinspiration.  Erin writes about an animation app from ABCya.  


Thank you to each of these bloggers for sharing these great ideas and tools with the rest of us.  

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