Wednesday, October 23, 2013

YouTube Editor and Slideshow Maker

Today I am sharing with our staff YouTube Editor and YouTube Slideshow Maker. If you need a quick way to make a slideshow or if you need to edit one of your videos, these are great tools! Naomi Harm is the inspiration behind sharing this blog post with all of you. 

To access both of these tools, first sign into your YouTube account and then click on the UPLOAD tab.

First, lets look at YouTube slideshow maker.
Here is a slideshow that I made.  I used pictures from Pixabay, which is a site that provides copyright free images.  Thanks to Naomi Harm for tweeting about this site.

Watch this short video to see how I made this slideshow.

Now let's look at YouTube Editor.

I highly recommend giving YouTube Slideshow Maker and YouTube Editor a try.

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