Monday, October 14, 2013

UW-Oshkosh Google and Intel Mini Summit

This past Saturday I presented at the UW Oshkosh Google and Intel Mini Summit organized by Innovative Educator Consulting CEO Naomi Harm.

As always, Naomi brought in an amazing team of presenters and gave attendees more than they bargained for in terms of the greatest technologies in the edtech world.

One of the presenters was Ben Hommerding, a Google Certified Teacher,  from the Winneconne School District.  Ben presented on Google Glass and he was fantastic.  Ben wore his Google Glass and did live demonstrations through out his presentation.  I must say that I am quite envious of the fact that he has Google Glass and I don't.  This technology is going to change the educational world in the coming years. 
 Click here to view parts of Ben's presentation.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with a good friend of mine, Tim Neilsen.  Tim works for Innovative Educator Consulting as is a Google Power Searcher.  I always learn a ton of tricks and new applications when I spend time with Tim.  
We presented on Google Apps and Extensions.  The feedback from our audience was great and I feel we did a nice job of giving them a huge variety of tools to add to their digital toolboxes.  I will be blogging about many of the apps and extensions in the near future. 
Click here for our page of resources. 

Finally, I was lucky enough to present along side the amazing Naomi Harm.  She is one of the most dynamic presenters I know. A person can learn so much from Naomi's vision for mobile learning and educational technology.  We presented on Flipped Teaching as well as YouTube editor and other useful YouTube tools.

The summit took place at Sage Hall which was just built in the past two years.  The technology and set up of the rooms in Sage Hall is unbelievable.  Duo projectors, full sound system, touch screen controls of the entire room, adjustable presentation table that can be raised or lowered to your preference, hook ups for every device, and a document camera that rocks!  I did NOT want to leave my classroom and would love to teach in an environment like this every day.  WoW! It was really impressive!

I feel so fortunate when I am given opportunities such as this one; presenting and spending a day with people from all over the state. Educators that are coming together to learn new technologies and pedagogy for bettering their teaching profession.  And I felt an appreciation for my knowledge and willingness to share what I know.  It just doesn't get any better!

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