Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mind Map Chrome App

Mind Map is a nice Chrome App that lets students EASILY create a mind map.

To get the app, first visit the Chrome Web Store and search for MindMap.

Because the developers have recently upgraded the app, you will want to click on the newest version, MindMap 2.

Once the app is installed, you can easily create parent, child and sibling boxes.  Changing colors and adding text is simple.  There are a lot of choices with the simple tool bar.

MindMap is simple and easy for students to use.  Here are some additional features that are really great!

  • Extensions 

Working in a collaborative mode would be very useful in the classroom.

  • Sharing options
Embedding the mindmap on a blog or website is a great option.

  • Saving options
The ability to save the mindmaps to Google Drive is a huge timesaver!
  • Export options
Download your map as an image or to the MindMaze website.

I highly recommend giving the MindMap Chrome App a try!

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