Wednesday, August 14, 2013

iPad Resources from the Ripon Tech Academy

Last year we had the opportunity to begin using iPads with our students through our Media Center.  We had 12 iPads available. This made creating online content and utilizing educational apps very doable.

This year we are supposed to be getting 12 more ipads in the Media Center which should make the possibilities even greater for student creation!  :)

I plan to make the best use of these iPads and to help me out I can refer to the generous amount of iPad apps shared by various presenters at the Ripon Summer Tech Academy.

Dan King shared multimedia apps in this presentation.  Consider using the iTalk app and the VidEditor app.

Dan also shared a nice collection of apps for creating ebooks.  Click here to see this presentation.  Last year we used the Book Creator app as well as Story Kit and I was very impressed with both of these apps.

Tim Nielsen also shared wonderful lists of apps. 

Click here to view the list of apps for math and literacy.

Click here to view the list of apps for creation.

It's going to take a while to work my way through these lists, but I love all of the choices and the possibilities.  Last year we focused quite a bit on creation apps such as Educreations and Explain Everything for creating tutorials.

This year I would like to focus more on math and literacy.  The Write About This and Geoboard apps look really good.

If you are lucky enough to have iPads available to your students, I hope you make the best of this technology and get those iPads in the hands of your students.  

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