Sunday, July 7, 2013

SAMR Model of Technology Integration

SAMR is an acronym that I have been hearing quite a bit lately on the Internet.  It was also referred to at several of the sessions I attended at ISTE13.

SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition.  The SAMR Model represents a way to look at the different levels of integrating technology into the classroom.

Here is a really short video that sums up the SAMR model in 120 seconds:

So as you can see, the goal of the SAMR model is to move from Substitution to Redefinition and to switch from Enhancement to Transformation.

Here is another example of the SAMR model showing how the use of an iPad to promote literacy is moved through the different levels.

I was inspired to create my own example and chart showing how I have used the SAMR model to incude video and interactive web sites to deliver content in a lesson.  I used Thinglink to make my chart interactive so that I could link the different tools that I used onto the image.

How did I do?  When we think of technology integration in the classroom, we should be striving for redefinition and transformation, but keep in mind that our tasks and learning often begin with substitution, augmentation and enhancement before we push the limits to modification, redefinition and transformation.  

I hope this post has helped to make you more aware of the SAMR model as it applies to your profession and classroom.

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