Friday, June 28, 2013

ISTE13 - See New Technology, Hear New Technology, Speak New Technology

This week I attended the ISTE conference in San Antonio, TX.  The big message from this conference?

 "Where the Energy is Palpable"  
Not only did I feel the energy, my senses were heightened on every level.  Let me share with you what I saw, heard and spoke. 

#1 See New Technology - As I attended different sessions a few new technologies were mentioned.  One is something called:

"Wearable Technology"  

This is literally people wearing devices that have technology attached to them.  Here are some examples:

Google Glass
These high tech glasses allow a person to record live what they are seeing, use a built-in GPS to navigate where they are going, receive social media updates, take a picture, send a message, ask a question, and more.

This is Adam Bellow one of the Keynote speakers.
Watch 10 minutes of Adam Bellow's Keynote speech as recorded through his Google Glasses.  

Up by Jawbone is a wearable wrist band:

How about a Wifi Detector T-shirt?  Seriously!
#2 Hear New Technology - The Keynote speakers at ISTE this year were so amazing!  

Jane McGonigal's Learning is an Epic Win spread the word about including gaming in your classroom.

Steve Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From reminded us that ideas take time to develop and that learners solve problems by borrowing ideas from multiple fields of thought.  Steve delivered a very insightful keynote.

And Adam Bellow, someone I have followed on Twitter for a long time, performed the final keynote address: You're Invited to Change the World.  I wasn't able to addend Adam's speech because I flew home on Wednesday, but it will soon be published to You Tube.  I will add Adam's Keynote when it is published.
In the meantime, here is a short interview at ISTE13.

#3 Speak New Technology - This blog post is getting long and I still have so much to say and share with you!  Therefore let me share a few links to some of the resources from the sessions I attended.  

I intend to share more, in future blogposts, of the specific tips, tricks and tools that I learned while at ISTE13.  I want to thank the School District of Ripon and my principal, Randy Hatlen, for giving me this incredible opportunity.

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