Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Attended Minnesota's First Google Summit - Sort Of

On Saturday morning I was perusing through my Twitter feed when I came upon several of the awesome people that I follow tweeting about attending Minnesota's First Google Summit.  
I will admit that I was a bit jealous that while I was sitting at home my friends were at a technology conference getting the chance to be inspired and Googled up.  

So I did what any Twitter extraordinaire would do; I stalked the Twitter hashtag and followed all of the tweets from the conference.

One way to follow a hashtag is right in Twitter.  All that is needed is to enter the hashtag in the search bar.  

As an alternative, I used a site called TweetChat.  This is one of my favorite ways to follow a hashtag live.  

Here are a few of the great resources I acquired from the Tweets.

Flipped Classroom
Kristin Daniels, a friend of mine, presented on the Flipped Classroom.  As always I was very impressed by what Kristin and her team in Stillwater, MN are doing with the flipped classroom.  Here is the site that Kristin shared at the summit.  I love the new acronym for FLIP!

Digital Book Reports
This is such a wonderful Google Doc to share with all of us.  I love the idea of giving students choices for their book reports.

Google Spreadsheets
One session that received a lot of tweets was the Spreadsheet Madness Session.  The presenter was Terri Osland.  On her website she has several videos to help us learn more about Google Spreadsheets.  This video was particularly helpful for me.

There is so much more to explore and discover from the Minnesota Google Summit.  Click here for the schedule and the presenters' resources.


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