Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Would You Like to Create eBooks on iPads?

Are you interested in making ebooks on iPads?  We did this last week and I wanted to share how we did it.

First the students had to research a bug of their choice.  We used the Power Knowledge Life Science site.  We wrote our articles collaboratively in Google Docs.

After this we found some images to go with our stories and uploaded them to Dropbox

Next, students used the Book Creator app on the ipads to create the book.  The students used the Google Drive app to copy and paste their text into Book Creator, which made the process go so quickly.  They then used the Dropbox app to access their pictures and added them to the stories.  

Students also played around with background colors, fonts, and adding audio to personalize their books.  I then emailed the book to myself in the form of a PDF.

Finally I uploaded the books to a site called Issuu. This site worked wonderfully.  Uploading was fast and it provided an embed code for sharing.

Here are some of the ebooks embedded below:

I highly recommend giving Book Creator and Issuu a try!

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