Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Digital Learning Day 2013

Digital Learning Day is meant to celebrate teachers and showcase successful technology integration in classrooms across the country.  

Educators all across the nation will be talking about what they plan to do for Digital Learning Day.  Each of our schools are using the site Wallwisher to share what we are doing today.  I hope you have time to share your plan with your colleagues and celebrate your students' engagement through technology integration.

This video is about Mountain View, WV, the school that inspired Digital Learning Day:

Here's my plan for Digital Learning Day:

We will begin the day making Prezi Presentations in our Reading class.  Last week we read non-fiction text and took notes about what we read.  We then wrote summaries. Now it's time to use our 21st Century Skills to think critically, be creative, collaborate and communicate our knowledge!

Next, my students will show what they learned from watching my Flipped Math Video by solving math problems together and using their "math talk".

In the afternoon, students will log in to participate in our online hybrid spelling class.  They get all of their practice, work and assignments from the website.  I often make video tutorials for the spelling class to guide students through their learning.

For Tiger Time (RTI) my students are making ebooks on the media center iPads.  Last week we wrote our own articles about bugs and created storyboards for turning these into books.  Now it's time to put it all together.

And in Science class I will present the interactive SMART board lesson I created for delivering the Circulatory System content. Complete with video, audio, games and assessment.  

You might think that all of this would tire me out, however, I feel more energetic and enthusiastic than ever.  The students are working harder than I am, and they are experiencing a very rich technological education.

Happy Digital Learning Day everyone! 

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