Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ways to Get a Screen Capture

Have you ever sent a document to someone and they weren't able to open the document?  Yesterday, I sent out my son, Ryan's basketball schedule to all of our family and was notified by everyone that the document wouldn't open.  So I went to my alternate plan, take a screen capture!  Taking a picture of the schedule made it easy to send and everyone could view the picture.  Here it is!

I don't know about you, but I am constantly taking screen captures for this blog, my websites, social networks and my flipped lessons. And now I also use them for emails too.

Here are some of the sites/tools that I use to take screen captures:

#1 - Snipping tool on my PC.  This is the easiest way to capture a part of my screen.  In Windows, just click on the start button and search for snipping tool.  There is not an option for annotation.

#2 - On my Mac I hit -Shift/Command/4- and then choose the area that I wish to capture.  This is very quick and easy. I can do minimal annotating with this procedure.

#3 Jing - This download works on a Mac or PC and is from Tech Smith.  Jing allows for many annotation options.

#4 Snagit - Also from TechSmith.  This one costs money.  You can try it for free.  This has many options.

#5 - This is quickly becoming my new favorite.  I like that I can edit and annotate the image.  There is no download or account required and it works easily!

I hope that the next time you are in need of taking a screen capture, one of the above methods works for you.

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