Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some "Not So Nice" Glogsters

Last week my students made Glogsters (online posters).  We were reading about hibernation in our reading series and the students needed to convey what they had learned in their Glogster.  

Here are some nice examples from my students:

And here are some "not so nice" examples:

I am going to take some of the blame for the "not so nice" Glogsters.  Even though I showed students examples before we started, I didn't take enough time to discuss the properties of a well organized and attractive Glogster.  

I made a simple grading sheet to let the students know what I was going to grade the Glogsters on.  Here it is:
I took these descriptors right off of our Standards Based Report Card which focuses on Common Core Standards.  What I missed out on were descriptors for the organization and attractiveness of the poster.  

I am thankful for having these "nice and not so nice" examples to share with students for future projects.  And I will make sure to think beyond our Common Core Standards to the overall big picture of what is needed in a final product.

If you haven't had your students try Glogster yet, I highly recommend giving it a go.

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