Monday, December 3, 2012

SLATE Conference

Today I am helping to facilitate an all day workshop at the SLATE Conference in Wisconsin Dells.  I am helping out in the afternoon in an Edcamp style set up.  The workshop is on the Flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning. Click here to see the website and description.

I have written about the Flipped Classroom before.  Currently I am flipping my math class each day.  My co-teacher and I have made our spelling class a hybrid class where some of the content and lessons are on a Google Site.  Click here to see some Flipped Spelling videos that go with my spelling class.  I also occasionally flip a lesson in science, language or reading as well.

In order to flip a lesson, I first have to choose the platform that I want to use to create a video.  My favorite is the Educreations app on my iPad.  I also really like Screenr if I want to make a video on my laptop.  Making the videos has become quite natural to me and I actually enjoy the process.  Here is an example of a Flipped Math Video.  I am really working on making the videos interactive, so that the students stop and work during the video.

You might be thinking that creating Flipped Lessons would be a lot more work for me, but I find that once the lessons are made, I feel very prepared to run my math class and since I am not actively teaching during class, I have a lot more time to meet with students individually, assess student progress, and get to know my students better as learners.  

I asked my students what they like about the Flipped Math class and here are some of their responses:

  • I like working at my own pace.
  • I like that I can watch the video and rewatch it if I need to.
  • If I am absent on a day, I can use the video to catch up.
  • It helps that the video shows some answers so that I know if I am on the right track.
If I had to say the one thing that I like the most about Flipping a class, it would be that the students' understanding of the content is better than it was before I started Flipping the lessons.  My students are showing that they can apply what they have learned with confidence and with fewer errors.  

I'm very much looking forward to attending today's Flipped Classroom workshop which is being led by Kristin Daniels and Wayne Fellers; both from Stillwater, MN.  Look forward to a blog post about my experience.  

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