Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My SLATE 2012 Flipped Learning Experience

Two Rock Stars!
Kristin Daniels and Wayne Fellers were the presenters at the SLATE Conference.  They presented a Flipped Learning Workshop that I helped to facilitate.  

Kristin and Wayne are Technology Integration Specialists in Stillwater, MN.  They are such amazing people and I was beyond impressed with their knowledge and above all their dedication to helping the staff of teachers in their district to implement a Flipped Learning initiative.  

The initiative began with a few 5th grade classrooms and has now expanded to 25 classrooms from the elementary classrooms into the Middle School.  

The Workshop:
The day started with an overview of what a Flipped Classroom looks like.  Next, I was joined by three other educators in a question and answer panel.  Kaye Henrickson, a Technology Coach and Jody Volkman, a physics teacher were among the panel.  We answered questions from the audience regarding what we are doing to flip the lessons in our classroom.  This was such a great experience.  The questions from the audience were very insightful. 

In the afternoon Kristin and Wayne shared a nice collection of tools and web sites for creating videos:

Educreations - iPad
Keynote or Powerpoint

Livescribe Smart Pens
Explain Everything - iPad
Ask3 - iPad

What I gained:
In the late afternoon, the conference turned to Edcamp style where the audience could move and attend a session on any area that was of interest to them. My sessions were on assessment and flipping math lessons. This was my favorite part of the day. It helped to reaffirm these points:

  • Using the Flipped Classroom model is really a shift in thinking. 
  • When students come to class having viewed the video, the class time is spent with discussions, diving deeper into the content, and working together.
  • The teacher's role changes to that of a facilitator.
  • Teachers have more time to get to know their students as learners.
  • The students can work at their own pace, and this is by far one of the most appealing advantages for the students.
  • Even though I may feel like I'm alone in my initiative to use the Flipped model, there are plenty of educators in other districts that are right there with me, doing what I am doing.

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