Monday, December 17, 2012

Infuse Learning for Collecting Student Response

Infuse Learning is a site I learned about at the TIES conference through Leslie Fisher.  Infuse Learning is used to collect student responses. 
Set up is as simple as signing up with your email and a password.  There is now other set up required!

Once you are signed in, you have many choices of the types of quick questions you can ask, from True/False, Multiple Choice and even a drawing.

Students only need to go to the student log in at and enter a room number that you give them and their name on any device including laptop or iPad.
The teacher can also make quizzes ahead of time and save them.  When a quiz is created ahead of time, a useful feature is that the students can click on a speaker and have the question read to them.  

I used Infuse Learning with my students this past week and it worked very well.  I really liked that I could view the students' responses instantly and I loved the drawing feature.  

Here is a YouTube video explaining Infuse Learning:

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Leanora Donofrio said...

I think IMovie is a great idea for students. Having a clear explanation helps the novice to explore this media.