Thursday, December 6, 2012

Google + and Google Hangout

Did you know that Google+ is now opened up to our district?  We can now join Google + through our Google Suite.  

Google+ is like Facebook, except that it allows a person to share information with certain groups, called circles.  When you post something to Google+, you can decide which circles will see your post.  

I haven't used Google+ a whole lot yet, but I hope to become more familiar with it.  Google+ is very widely used with educators from around the world.  

Recently I discovered an awesome feature of Google+ called Google Hangout.  Google Hangout is used to hold a video conference with up to 10 participants.  I participated in a Google Hangout with a group of educators to prepare for the SLATE Flipped Classroom Workshop.  

This was a great experience that connected me with people I had never met before.  The video conference was easy to join and I like the format.  When a person is talking, they show up in the large video at the top and the other participants are at the bottom.  

I highly recommend joining Google+ and Google Hangout a try!

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