Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun Websites for Students

Our classroom Wiki is loved by our students.  Often we will tie the activities on our wiki into our content areas, seasonal themes or current events. 

We use our wiki as a place for students to go at the start of our day before we dive into our morning meeting.  This gives us as teachers a bit of time to do our attendance, lunch count, check in with students who have behavior charts and also to read messages from parents.

This week I will be posting educational sites for students on our classroom wiki.  We will analyze the sites and discuss what we experienced.   

Here are the sites on our wiki that the students will be visiting :

#1 - Learning Games for Kids

#2 - Arcademic Skills

I hope your students get a change to try out some of these sites as well.  They help to build skills and give students choices as to what they want to learn about.

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