Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Thinglinks

Thinglink is something I've written about before here, here and here.  I'm really liking Thinglink lately for finding sites and resources for our classroom.    Here are some great Thinglinks I found after doing a search for "Election" and also a Thinglink I made for my students.

This is a really nice Thinglink with great links:

Here is another great Thinglink with videos and fun links:

This Thinglink has information about the battleground states:

Check out this Thinglink about the Presidential Candidates social networks:

And here a Thinglink I made for my students which I embedded on our wiki.  It is on the great activities available at PBS in their Democracy Project:

Have you made a Thinglink yet?  I highly recommend giving it a try!


MrsCupples said...

Thanks for posting my Duck for President ThingLink!

MrsCupples said...

Thatks for posting my Duck for President ThingLink! I make them all the time for my elementary school library blog. You can see many more at