Wednesday, October 31, 2012


There is a new way to share content on the web and it is called Tackk.  

Tackk is very easy to use and no registration is needed.  If you do not register, any page you create will be available for 7 days, however, if you register, your pages will be available forever.  

Take a look at my first Tackk showing Reading Anchor Charts I plan to share with my reading group.  It only took me a few minutes to make this.  I included text, images, video and a button with a link

I think there are a lot of possibilities for using Tackk with students.  They could create a poster or flyer for something they need to advertise or announce.  Students could also create pages showing their work in the classroom.   And the pages are easy to share. 

Each page can have :

For media, you can post a link to media that is hosted on any of the following sites.

I highly recommend checking out Tackk and sharing what you or your students create with the rest of us.

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