Monday, October 29, 2012

Our RAP Findings

Thank you to everyone who attended the RAP session last week.  I hope it was helpful and educational.

Today I will show some of the sites and resources we gathered while exploring Pinterest:

You Tube Video of the Space Jump found by Kaitlin
Source: via David on Pinterest

Sub Folder found by Robin

Fun Cheers and Claps found by Kelly

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

6th Grade Math Notes found by Kristin

Laura Candler Resources found by Patti

Aileen's Music Education Blog found by Beth

DIY Hovercraft found by Chris

German Resources found by Sarah

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Cool Down Ice Cubes for a Classroom Guidance Lesson found by Jocelyn

I am amazed at the great resources we found.  And this is only half of them.  Click here to view our Google Spreadsheet of all of the resources we shared with each other in RAP.  

We also explored other sites for finding educational resources:

I truly loved presenting at RAP and I hope I am given the opportunity again in the future.

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