Monday, October 22, 2012

Election Resources

It's time to start thinking about the upcoming election.  Here are some resources I have come across recently.

#1 -A You Tube video explaining the Electoral College:

#2 -Rand McNally has an interactive Electoral College Map.

#3 - A You Tube video on the History of Voting:

#4 -This infographic is really nice for learning about each candidate, but it may be a little too difficult for lower elementary students.

#5 - Scholastic has many resources.  I especially like the maps and games.  I plan to have my students try the game On the Road to the White House.  The Video Highlights are also very good.

#6 -PBS Kids has a game called President for a Day.  There are a few other resources as well.  

#7 - I like Ben's Guide to U. S. Government's explanation for How the President is Elected.

#8 - CNN has a comic book interactive about the eight steps to the White House. 

#9 - has a quiz you can take to find out with candidate you side with.   I enjoyed taking this quiz myself, but I would caution using this with younger students since some issues may be controversial such as abortion and gay marriage.  

#10 - iCivics has a fun game to play called Win the White House where you get to manage your very own Presidential Campaign.  

If you have an online resource for the election, please share.

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