Monday, July 2, 2012

Augmented Reality Coming to Schools Near You

Recently Edudemic listed the top 10 Incredibly Powerful Teaching  Tools of the Future:
Click here to read the article.

Number 1 on the list is Visual Learning.  Falling under this category is an application called Augmented Reality.  

Augmented Reality is a new type of technology that is finding its way into classrooms.  

The simplest example of augmented reality is when you see the yellow lines on a football field that really aren't there, but appear on top of the field.
Augmented Reality digitally layers information on top of images, videos, or even buildings and products.

Common Craft has a useful video for understanding augmented reality.

I have already used augmented reality when I used QR codes with our students.  QR codes add additional information to a document. Click here to read my post about QR codes.

This coming school year, I would like to incorporate more augmented reality into my lessons.  Here are two apps for the iPad that I will be giving a try:

#1 - Layar 

Check out this slideshow on Layar
Top 4 ways to really win with augmented reality in your school, community or library
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I downloaded Layar on my iPad and gave it a try.  It worked very well and was easy to use.

#2 - Aurasma
Here is a video showing how some students used Aurasma:

Here is a tutorial on how to use Aurasma

I have a little more research and practice to do with these apps before I use them successfully in a lesson.   I look forward to introducing these two new augmented reality apps to our students next year.

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