Monday, April 30, 2012

Ted Ed

You may have noticed that has become a very popular site. is all about providing news and information on technology through videos, blogs etc.  One area of is Ted Ed which uses engaging videos to create customized lessons.  After watching the video below, I could see the amazing potential for Ted Ed in any Elementary, Middle, or High School Classroom.  

Imagine being able to customize a lesson that includes a video of your choice,  a quick quiz, open answer questions, and additional references.  You can even make your own video and create a lesson for that video.  I'm totally on board with this kind of "Flipped Classroom" approach.  I know my students would be excited about this as well.

Here is the short Ted Ed Website Tour Video that shows how making these Flipped Lessons works.

The only stumbling block is that the video platform used for Ted Ed is You Tube and this is blocked to the students in our district.  So to create and use Ted Ed Flipped Video lessons, I would need to show the videos to our class on my teacher computer instead of through their individual computers.  Then students could take the quick quiz, answer short answer questions and get additional references on their computers at the Ted Ed site.  

This isn't the true way that a Flipped Lesson should occur since the whole idea is that students work at their own pace, view and replay the video as much as they need to, and can access additional videos and resources on the topic.  

For now I plan to create all of my own Flipped Lessons that use other video platforms that aren't blocked to my students.   

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