Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An App Called Three Ring

Yesterday I tried out a new app called Three Ring on my iPad.  Three Ring is used to quickly and easily digitize student work and keep a portfolio of student work or classroom resources.

Here is how it works.  First I signed up for an account at  Once I had an account, then I set up my classes (math, reading, etc.) and entered my students' names.  

Then I downloaded the app onto our ipad.  It is FREE!

Once I had opened the app, I chose a subject   
photo 1.PNG

and student.  Then I clicked on Capture Student Work.  

photo 2.PNG

The iPad's camera opened and I took a picture of the student's work. 

photo 3.PNG

I also took some pictures of students working together to help keep a record of assigned partners.
photo 4.PNG

I could then view the work I had captured by going to the website on my browser.  From the website I could add more students to the work that was captured and I could add a note like the one you see in the above capture.  I could also upload a file if I wanted to.

This app is so easy and useful.  I'm planning to use Three Ring to capture things even beyond student work.  Perhaps bulletin boards, project samples or desk arrangements.  Anything I want to keep a visual image of.

There is currently no way to share the information in a Three Ring account.

If you would like to read more about Three Ring, click here to see a blog post by Richard Byrne.  

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