Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Great Sites for Math and Science

Lately my reading students have been very interested in discussing current events (Groundhog's Day, the Super Bowl etc.)  My math students love when I apply knowledge of a current event or interesting topic into our story problems.  So I decided to do a post about websites that provide resources in this area.

Here are two math sites that apply math problems to the real world and a great web site on the science topic of quarks.

#1 Yummy Math - this site shares math problems based on things happening in the world today.  

The newest scenarios are on Groundhog's Day and The Super Bowl.  The topics covered are Algebra, Number Sense, Geometry, Food Math, Sports and more. 

I like that the topics are of interest to students because they cover current events like American Idol, the Chinese New Year,  and Facebook.  

Most problems include a printable word or pdf document with questions.  A few include video or audio clips.  

There is a membership sign up for $12 a year which includes the solutions page for each problem.

#2 Melting Pot Math- this site shares problems based in different countries and cultures across the world.

When you click on a country, a circle of topics comes up for you to choose from.

Each topic has a list of mathematical questions to be answered and a solutions page to show the answers.

Many of the math problems are related to science topics such as animals or earthquakes.  

Click here to go to the list of the countries and topics.

#3 Quarked!  is a science site that introduces the exciting world of particle physics to young students ages 7 and up.  

In case you are wondering, quarks are the smallest things we know of. The Quarked! website explores quarks and molecular science through games and video clips.

For example, here is a series of videos on solar energy.  

The Quarked! website can be explored through three themes:
     How Small is Small
     Quarks: Ups, Downs, and the Universe
     How Do You Find Out About Something You Can't See?

There are also lesson plans available.  I believe my students will find quarks interesting to learn about.

I hope you can find a way to incorporate these real life web sites into your lessons.

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