Friday, February 10, 2012

Somebody Pinch Me- Am I Dreaming?

I feel so fortunate to work in a school district where our principal is willing to help us get up-to-date technology in our classrooms.

Yesterday I taught a science lesson that was filled with such amazing technology that I am still wondering if it was a dream or reality.

It started with using a SMART Notebook science elesson that I created on the Circulatory System.  The lesson had animation,  links (including a You Tube video), interactivity, and assessment (in the way of a Google Form).  

I sent the elesson to our students using Dropbox.  Such an easy way to share the lesson so each student could open the elesson on their laptops and participate fully in the content.

Next, I used the Spashtop App on our iPad to connect to my teacher laptop to view the elesson on my iPad.  

Then I used Apple TV to project the lesson wirelessly onto our SMART Board for easy viewing.  No need to connect the laptop to the projector.

And then the fun began as I walked around the classroom and navigated my way through the lesson while holding our iPad instead of being stuck behind the podium with a laptop or up front at the SMART board. 
Just look at those techy students!

I told my coworker that I would like to teach every lesson like this.  It was so great to be wirelessly connected, among the students, and  free from the front of the classroom.  My students were fully engaged and participated in the lesson with great enthusiasm.  

Extremely fun and pretty amazing! 

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Marc Garneau said...

Congrats! That was a very cool use of Splashtop. I have found Splashtop very useful when needing to display something that is Flash-based from my iPad. I only recently got an AppleTV and our Network guys are still trying to beef up my wireless in my room so it doesn't drop the connection, but that freedom will make a huge difference in my class; being unchained from the desk at the front of the room.