Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TES iboard = free elessons

TES iboard has a large collection of interactive activities.  These are short interactives that ask the student to respond to a task or a challenge.  

Here are some examples:

Numeracy Example

Guess the Gift (click to play)
Students need to weigh each gift on the scale to try and guess which gift is in each box.

Literacy Example

Cinderella - Storyboarder  (click to play)

Students click and drag the events of the story onto a storyboard.  They can then play the events like a slideshow.  There are other options to type your own summary and to print.  

Phonics Example

Launch a Rocket  (click to play)
A version of hangman. Launch the rocket before the fuel runs out.

Science Example

Label my body and skeleton  (click to play)
Construct the skeleton and label it.

There are 8 categories of interactives available:

Some interactives are geared towards younger elementary.  Others could be beneficial to upper elementary.  These activities would be great on your Smart Board or used individually by students on a laptop.  TES iBoard is from the U.K.   

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