Friday, January 6, 2012

Fake Text Message is a lot of fun! allows you to make a fake text message by simply typing in what you want the text to say.
The result is an image that displays your fake text message.  Here are your sharing options:

Our students are interested in texting and this site is a fun way for them to use their knowledge of texting in a creative, yet educational way.  So yesterday, my students created a fake text between themselves and the main character of our story.  The main character lived during the colonial times, so it was rather interesting.  We focused on our text showing the problem in the story.  Here is an example of a student's fake text:

Before we created our fake texts, we first discussed texting and talked about the sample text at the top of this post, which is shown when you open the site.  We talked about how the texting program can sometimes change a word that it doesn't know, such as Disney.  We also talked about texting etiquette and how very little punctuation is used and of course we talked about acronyms such as LOL.  For our assignments, I explained how we would need to use correct spelling and punctuation.  I also allowed students to use LOL and IK, but no others. could also be used by students to send a fake text between two characters in a story.  They could also create a text from a famous person in history.  Perhaps students could create a text message showing a conversation incorporating a social skill such as perseverance or kindness.

How might you use with your students?

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