Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stop Animation

Our students have done several projects this year with stop animation.  Simply put, stop animation involves making a movie frame by frame through moving objects a little bit at a time.  


Earlier this school year I posted about Pivot, which is a free download for making stop animation movies.  You can read about Pivot and see an example here.

ABCya Animation for Kids

For a simpler stop animation maker, there is ABCya's animation for Kids.  The background button allows you to make a background for all of your frames.  I found it easy to use the copy and paste button for copying a frame and pasting the objects onto the next frame.  I also used the select mode instead of the drawing mode to easily select and then move the objects I had drawn.  Here is an example I made of a bouncing ball.

Recently I came across another stop animation maker.  It is called JellyCam and it uses the webcam on a computer to capture frames for the movie.  I haven't used this with our students yet, but I plan to soon.  JellyCam is free and needs to be downloaded onto your computer.  Here is a short video of how JellyCam works!

I tried JellyCam out myself and  found it easy  to use and fun!  This would definitely be easy enough for our students in 5th grade!

The first stop animation movie I made was with a digital camera and Photostory 3.  We used clay and formed our own characters.  We made a background and created a story board.  The movie took around 120 pictures and was quite an involved process.  Having programs like Pivot and JellyCam, or a site like ABCya's Animation for Kids is making stop animation a much simpler and quicker process. 

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