Monday, March 20, 2017

Three Clever Tech Ideas - My PLN Cares Enough to Share

- Sharing is Caring -

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As I follow blogs and posts from my PLN, I often think, "Oh, I have to share these ideas with my colleagues!" Well, today I'm doing just that. Here are some great posts from EDU folks that I follow. They share their ideas, knowledge and creations without hesitation to help us all be better and more efficient at what we do.
I truly appreciate their Sharing is Caring attitude.

#1 Google Classroom Speed Grading via Lance Yoder -

Would you like to see a quicker and more efficient way of grading student work in Google Classroom all the while still being able to leave feedback?
Check out this video and this blog post

#2 How to Add Music to Google Slides via Richard Byrne - Free Technology for Teachers

What a great idea to have music playing in a Google Presentation. This post and video shows a great work around to make this possible.

#3 Black Out Poetry with Google Docs via Eric Curts - Control Alt Achieve

Do you plan to have your students give Black Out Poetry a try for poetry month in April? This post and video show us a really neat way to do Black Out Poetry with Google Docs.

Thank you so much Lance Yoder, Richard Byrne and Eric Curts. You folks set the example that each of us should follow to share what we know and create to help educators everywhere. And ultimately to help students benefit from your sharing is caring attitude. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3 Fantastic Features of Google Sheets

Google Sheets has some new updates and great features

Google sheets can be used for many options beyond just collecting and displaying data. I have used Google sheets for displaying information such as this example. And it is also a great tool for creating rubrics like this one. 

Here are some features that I've used in the above examples.

1.  Rotated Text 

To rotate text, simply select the cell or cells you wish to rotate and click on the text rotation icon in the top tool bar. You can even choose the degree that you wish to rotate.

2.  More border styles
You can now choose from several new border styles including thicknesses and double borders.
Simply choose the cell or cells you want to add borders to and click on the borders icon.

3.  Link to cells and cell ranges

This feature makes it possible to move around a spreadsheet by linking to cells or a cell range. This would be helpful also to make a table of contents on a spreadsheet. 

To link to a cell or range of cells, simply right click on the cell and then choose Insert link or Get link to this range. 

Watch this tutorial to see linking in action.

I really enjoy playing around with all of the great features available in Google Sheets. And I love that I can use this app for more than just collecting and displaying data. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Five Ways to use Canva That May Impress You

Canva is a wonderful site for design and creation.

Canva is web-based with apps available for Chromebooks and iPads. Use Canva to create professional documents of all sorts with more than 1 million photos, icons and layouts available. Drag and drop functionality makes Canva easy to use with a free Design Essentials Tutorials Course to help users learn how to use Canva

Here are 5 ways to use Canva that you may not know about:

1.  Programs for special events

 To create programs like these in Canva, click on "more"
and then scroll down to "events" and then "program"

 2. Trifold Brochures 

 To create brochures like these in Canva, click on "more"
and then scroll down to "marketing materials" and then "trifold brochure"

3.  Infographics

To create infographics like these in Canva, click on "more"
and then scroll down to "blogging and ebooks" and then "infographics"

4.  Certificates

To create certificates like these in Canva, click on "more"
and then scroll down to "documents" and then "certificate"

5.  Resumes

To create resumes like these in Canva, click on "more"
and then scroll down to "documents" and then "resume"

There are so many other useful templates in Canva. I'm quite impressed with all of the possibilities.

I highly recommend using Canva with your students. Two of the ISTE Standards for Students are Creative Communicator and Innovative Designer. Using Canva will promote both of these standards (among others) in the classroom. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If You Like Google Keep, You're Really Going to LOVE This!

Google Keep Now Integrates with Google Docs!

One of my very favorite things to do is make lists. Grocery lists, wish lists, list of goals, reading lists, lists of apps, bucket lists, etc.

Google Keep has been my go to app for list making for quite a while now. If you haven't tried Google Keep yet, I highly recommend you open a new tab and go to right this minute. And then start making a new list such as this one.

Google Keep has many great features. One is that you can use the app on your iPhone or Android device to access and edit your notes at any time.

If you make your list a checklist you can tap the check boxes and the items will be marked as completed and will be moved to the bottom of the note. 
When you click on the three dots there is the option to uncheck the completed items or to delete them along with several other options.

Other features include
Color your note

Set a reminder

Collaborate with others on your note

Add images

Pin the note so it will stay 
at the top of your feed.

Archive the note

**Breaking News**

Google just announced that Google Keep is now integrated with Google Docs. Here is how it works.

If you make a list in a Google Doc and you wish to save it to Google Keep, simply highlight the list and right click on the list. Then choose "Save to Keep Notepad".  

When you view those notes in Google Keep, they will include a link back to the document in which they were created.

Another option:
Click on Tools and Keep Notepad. From the right side pane, click and drag any of your notes onto your Google Doc. 

Google Keep integrating with Google Docs gives users the opportunity to work more efficiently and seamlessly within the Google Suite.  Have you used Google Keep? What do you think of the new Google Doc integration?