Monday, January 16, 2017

What Should We Put In Our Makerspace This Month?

As you may know, we started a Makerspace in our High School LMC starting this school year. We've been switching up the activities, experiences, and technology on a  monthly basis. Here are a few pictures from September, October, November and December:

With all of the various activities, students have been checking in regularly to see what is new and to spend some social time in our Makerspace with their peers.

And all of a sudden it is January and time to revamp and plan for new and creative activities and technologies for the Makerspace. 

Here is what we are planning:

#1 - I wrote a grant for a 3D printer and was awarded the grant. Thank you AEF (Appelton Education Foundation) So, we now have a Dremel 3D Printer in our Makerspace. We've been busy learning how to use the printer and one of our maintenance personnel, Craig, has been a huge help. He has a great knowledge base about 3D printing. I'm so thankful for his involvement. 
 One activity we have going right now is to print straw connectors to allow students to create, build and explore architectural design. We used files from Thingiverse (click here for the project). Before printing we bring our files into a program called Print Studio to view, resize and preview the print job before sending it to our printer. Print Studio is a free download that you can access here.

#2 - Recording Studio
We have a room next to our Makerspace that is being turned into a recording studio. We have big plans to give students the ability to record and create in this space. My colleague, Jeremy, created this Sketchup of the space. We plan to include a mixer, electric guitars, a keyboard, microphones, speakers, green screening, and more. I can't wait to see how this comes together.

#3 - Circuitry with Makey Makey
We have Makey Makey circuit boards on order and plan to allow students to create a giant touch floor piano as well as other Makey Makey projects when these arrive. 

#4 - LED Cards
All that is needed for this activity is LED bulbs, copper tape, card stock and batteries. Click here for how to directions. It is always a big hit when we include a craft makerspace activity. Students love these types of creative stations.

#5  - Virtual Reality
Since purchasing our Zen Smart Phones more students are taking part in exploring the many apps and videos for virtual reality. We have these VR viewers and they have held up really well. 

#6 - Interactive Projector
Technically this is not in the Makerspace, but it is going to be in the classroom teaching section of our library. I will share a picture of the finished project once it is installed. An interactive projector can project on any flat light surface and basically acts as a giant touch screen. 

Do you have a Makerspace? If so, what is happening in yours?  I'm always looking for new ideas and technologies to explore. Thanks for reading this post.

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