Thursday, January 5, 2017

Foster Peer Tutors In Your Classroom

Recently a colleague and I were having a conversation about how students often learn better from one another and how peer tutors can really boost another student's confidence and willingness to try. 

As I was reflecting on our conversation, I suddenly had an idea of how I might foster peer tutoring creatively in a classroom.  My idea is to have students show answers to questions the teacher gives them and record their responses to share out in a common place for all of their classmates to see.

It would work something like this. . . . 

First each student would get a different question to answer (math problem, grammar question, review question etc.) 

Next, each student would use a site like to upload a picture (or multiple pictures) of the question or problem. It could be a picture of the actual work that the student has done. Ziteboard will allow the students to annotate and mark up the picture.

Then, the student would use the extension Screencasify to record a video explaining how they answered the question they were given.

The finished Screencastify video would be saved to the student's Google Drive account. The students would need to make sure that the share settings would be set to anyone with the link can view. 

The final step would be to have the students place a link to their video in a Google Doc or a Google Presentation. The teacher would need to make sure that the share settings were set to anyone with the link can edit.

Each student would now have access to a student generated study guide with videos from their peers to help tutor them. 

Another option would be to have students work collaboratively on the videos. Ziteboard does allow for collaboration between peers.

Do you have a creative idea for fostering peer tutoring in a classroom? I would love to hear about it. 

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