Sunday, October 9, 2016

Empowered Learners - Meeting the Standard

Creating Empowered Learners in Your Classroom

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ISTE Standard
One of the new ISTE standards for students is Empowered Learner.
This standard is all about students taking ownership over the learning process. It is also about students using various methods to show their learning as well as demonstrating the use of emerging technologies.

Recently, some of the teachers in our school district that are enrolled in the masters cohort, created blended learning experiences for their students. These blended learning lessons are right on target for creating empowered learners in the classroom. They also show a shift in the teachers' instructional approaches from givers of all content to facilitators of student learning.

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Blended Learning
Remember, blended learning is when students are delivered content and instruction through both the teacher as well as online.  Because the content is partially delivered through online resources, students must take ownership over their learning. They have to be reflective in the learning process and consider how well they are understanding the content. Students should set learning goals for themselves and also learn to troubleshoot technologies in order to acquire and show their learning.

Sharing with You
Today, I have great news for you. I asked some of the teachers in our cohort if I could share their blended lessons with all of you, and many said yes. These lessons have been created over a 4 week period and many of them have been implemented with students in the classroom. 

Please Remember
Before I share the lessons, please be considerate. If you should share or use any of the content being shared, give full credit to the creator and tag them or mention them when you share. 

Here Are the Blended Learning Examples:
My suggestion would be to take a look at one of two of these that relate to you in some way and consider how the teacher and student experiences are different than that of a traditional classroom experience. 

Biology Lesson on Mitosis - 10th Grade - Katie Bragg -Click Here

Immigration - 8th Grade Humanities - Amanda Kranzusch - Click here

Plot - 6th Grade ELA - Julia Theiss - Click here

8th Grade Humanities - Brittany Saudstad - Click here

6th Grade Science - Weather - Lisa Sackman - Click here

9th Grade Algebra - Inverse Equations - Kelsi Van Fossen - Click here

7th Grade Geography - Food and Culture - Jonathon Zabel - Click here and here.

I hope that sharing these blended learning lessons will inspire others to create blended learning lessons that will promote the ISTE student standard for Empowered Learners. Thank you to these teachers for being willing to share their hard work and creative lessons with all of us. These teachers ROCK!

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Naomi Harm said...

Excellent examples of infusing new ISTE Standards with creative and interactive lessons and activities for students and teachers. Thanks Deb for sharing exemplar examples so teachers have a great starting point to be successful in their own creations too!

Happy Monday form California!