Thursday, September 29, 2016

Have You Heard About HyperDocs?


Lately, I am obsessed with HyperDocs. Have you heard about them?  HyperDocs are a transformative way to deliver an interactive lesson to your students that incorporates engaging and meaningful technologies. 

What is a HyperDoc?
Think of a HyperDoc like a digital lesson that offers students a personal experience which involves them in the learning throughout the entire process by incorporating various multi medias, creative activities and interesting websites.  
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HyperDocs come in many forms such as a Google Presentation, a Google Map and most commonly, a Google Doc with colorful tables built in.

Perhaps a better way to explain a HyperDoc is to show you an example of one.  Click here to see a HyperDoc on Electricity. 

 Notice how the lesson is designed to access prior knowledge, build the concepts, provide student reflection, assess learning and all of the necessary components of a properly prepared lesson.   

Also, the HyperDoc includes relevant interactions and activities for the students and allows for blended learning. 

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Perhaps you are looking for a HyperDoc lesson that is more geared towards the level that you teach? Here  and here are collections of HyperDocs for 1st - 12th grade.

Are you getting hooked on HyperDocs like I am?

If you want to learn more about HyperDocs, here are some resources for you:
I think one of the reasons I love HyperDocs so much is because I see the value of using digital resources in a purposeful way that makes the online experience for students transform from busy work to relevant tasks and a true involvement in the learning process. 

Rather than teaching a lesson and then having students use technology to show what they learned in the lesson, a HyperDoc allows for the students to use technology throughout the lesson and gives them participation and ownership of the learning. 

Join me to learn more
On October 29th, I'm leading a workshop in Fond du Lac, WI on HyperDocs.   If you would like to learn how to create HyperDocs and acquire skills for using many Google tools and various technologies, you can register here. I hope to see you there.