Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Survey Says. . . Online Assessments

Focus on Online Assessments . . . I'm On It!

This is a post in a series of posts that are being written as a result of our district Bright Bytes survey from Clarity. After viewing the results, it is helpful to know that there are areas our high school can focus on and emphasize.  

One area we can focus on is Online Assessments

Let's dive right in and take a look at several great resources for teachers and students.

Resource #1

Hapara Focus Browsing
One of the most common issues I hear from teachers is that if they are giving an online assessment they have no way of knowing if students are cheating by looking up answers on their devices or sharing answers with others on their devices. There is now a feature in Hapara called Focus Browsing that allows the teacher to push out tab(s) to students and will restrict students from opening additional tabs or links.
Check out this video to see how focus browsing works.

Resource #2
Google Forms
Recently updated, Google Forms is a simple option for online assessments and surveys. Even though Google Forms can be very basic for creating an assessment, there are some wonderful advanced features including:
1- Data Validation for short answer or paragraph questions - this allows the teacher to restrict the type of responses a student can submit such as requiring a number or email address. For check boxes, this allows a teacher to set the number of boxes a student can check or must check.
3- Create a Pre-Filled URL - Teachers can send students the link to a form with some fields already filled in.

For more advanced tips check out this blog post.

Resource #3

With Socrative, a teacher has several choices for assessing students. Create a quiz of your own, use the quick question for spur of the moment checkins, have a space race to work in groups or use the exit ticket to gather feedback from students.  Click here for a complete User Guide. 

Resource #4

Quickly becoming a teacher and student favorite, Quizziz has so many great features including a homework option, immediate feedback and results, review in the form of a slideshow after the quiz and teacher monitoring during the quiz.

Resource #5

Who doesn't love to play Kahoot? Gamify your assessment and add some excitement as well. Features include a leaderboard, points earned called Kahoots, ghost Kahoot which is an extension of a Kahoot game, and immediate feedback.

Take a look at this comparison between Quizizz and Kahoot:

Resource #6

Go Formative
If you're feeling adventurous, give GoFormative a try. This assessment tool allows the teacher to watch students in real time as they answer questions. A teacher can also give students a score and feedback in real time as well. Click here for a Walk Through Guide to learn everything there is to know about GoFormative.

The above tools will help to prepare students for being assessed online in their future. Online assessments are becoming more and more prevalent and will be used in most 21st century careers.  If you give any of these tools a try, let me know your thoughts.

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