Monday, February 1, 2016

If I had Three Wishes, Here is What I Would Wish for. . .

TPTs | Expedition Pioneer Program | Shadow a Student Challenge

Wish #1 -Free Professional Development- I wish every teacher would enroll in this free online course from ASCD on (TPTs) Total Participation Techniques.  I am currently working my way through the modules. The strategies and techniques for promoting complete engagement and full participation within a classroom are invaluable. This is the type of professional development that every teacher, whether they are new or a veteran, should have to grow their craft of teaching today's learners. Thanks to my friend, Naomi Harm, for directing me to this free PD course.

Wish #2 - Google Cardboard - I wish every student could have the opportunity to experience the Google Cardboard Expeditions Pioneer Program.   I signed up our school and my fingers are crossed. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality viewer that allows a person to explore a location virtually through images, videos and sounds to make for a true virtual reality experience. The folks at Google will bring the Google Cardboard viewers, the android phones, with apps installed, right to your school and will help the teachers to discover how this technology can be used in the classroom.

Wish #3 -  I wish our district and every district would participate in the Shadow a Student Challenge.  Whether you are a new teacher / administrator or a veteran teacher / administrator, we all can benefit from walking in the shoes of our students for a day. Some of us may be fearful of being in another colleague's classroom or of having others in our classroom. My wish is that all educators would be willing to have other teachers and administrators visit their classroom. We should be confident and proud of what we do as educators rather than fearful or worried about what others may think about us. We should be willing to take on the Shadow a Student Challenge regardless of the risks or outcomes.

Wouldn't it be amazing if just one of my wishes would come true? There is always a chance.

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

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