Monday, November 2, 2015

Interactive Stories with Twine

What is Twine?

Perhaps you have had fun playing with "choose your own adventure" type stories, games or surveys. Social media has been buzzing with such surveys like this one: Which Disney Character Would Play You In The Movie of Your Life?

Recently I came across Twine (twinery.orgfor creating your own interactive stories, surveys or games. Creating a story is a simple as generating a flow chart such as this one:

What makes Twine so great is that you only need to type text into a box and then put brackets around the word or words that you wish to have the next part of your story linked to.  Any words in brackets will automatically generate a new box on the flowchart.

Watch this short video demo to see how a Twine is created:

Click here to experience the Twine I created called, "What Kind of Teacher are You?"  I took the information to create my Twine from this site. FYI, I'm not responsible for the type of teacher my Twine survey chooses for you.

There's More: Twine teaches coding

That's not all.  Twine can be used to introduce writing code to your students.  There are other codes, besides the brackets for linking, that can be used when creating a Twine. You can find tutorials by clicking here. Twine uses CSS coding, which is used for basic web design. 

I love the possibilities that Twine has for students whether it is in literacy, science, math, history or any class. Students can create many different types of activities using the Twine and learn about the concept of flowcharts and coding. Sharing a Twine is a simple as sharing the URL.  I highly recommend giving Twine a try.

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