Thursday, September 10, 2015

Memes - Creative, Funny and Intuitive

I just recently learned that the funny pictures with a clever little saying or thought on them are called memes (rhymes with themes).
These smart little images can convey a clever strong message.

The definition of meme is

So after coming across numerous memes related to education such as these:

I thought, why not give these a try in the classroom.  

Imagine if students created memes to help them remember important concepts in math, science, literacy etc.  The image is just as important and powerful as the words and having students create memes would require critical thinking and creativity. And since memes are spread via the Internet, it would be neat to hold a voting poll to see which memes get the most likes or shares. 

I like this math meme:

And check out this science meme:

And recently I shared this meme on social media:

Click here for a free download of memes for Classroom Rules.

Whenever I see a trend that is taking off in social media that is of interest to students and draws in their attention, I'm ready to put the idea into practice in the classroom. It makes the learning relevant and current for the student. 

What do you think? Would you use memes with your students? Would your students enjoy creating their own memes? 

Here's one more meme for your entertainment:

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