Monday, March 2, 2015

High School Teachers will Love Curriculet

High School ELA and Literacy teachers are going to love Curriculet!

Curriculet is a digital layer of questions, quizzes, and rich media layered on top of top of any text.  As students read a text, questions, quizzes and annotations pop out of the text, so that students are instructed and assessed as they read. . . at just the right moment.

Text can be a file uploaded from your computer or the URL of a website.

Once a text is uploaded to your library, you can edit the Curriculet and add a question, quiz or annotation.  Selecting text can also help teachers or students to define a word. 

For example, here I used the URL of a website (from about the white and gold / blue and black dress). When editing the Curriculet, I highlighted a bit of text and added an annotation which gave a link to the meaning of a part of the text.

I also added a question, (this is different than a quiz). 

Every question or quiz can be linked directly to the Common Core from a simple drop down list.

On another page of the article, I added quiz questions.

When I have finished adding a layer of annotations, questions and quizzes to my article, I can then share the Curriculet with students. By using the class manager, I can create a class and invite students to my Curriculet class.  As students read the text all data will be collected and the teacher can generate reports that show if students have completed the assigned reading and also the students' responses.

Curriculet has a helpful support site with User Guides.  These are very useful for someone who is new to the site.

I highly recommend using Curriculet with your students and I believe this is an outstanding way to aid students while reading an article, researching a topic or reading for comprehension.  Thank you to my colleague, Amy, for sharing this site with me.  

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