Thursday, January 15, 2015

Google Keep / - Make Lists and Take Notes

#1   Google Keep (an ios app and web site) - Create sticky notes for to do lists, notes and reminders.
  • color code your notes
  • create a to do list and check off items
  • insert an image
  • set a reminder to notify you on a future date
  • share a note with others and work on the same note in real time
  • archive notes for easy retrieval or to reuse them in the future.

#2  (a Chrome App and Mobile App)- Introduce students to this amazing app for organizing, making lists and taking notes. 

Here are some of the great features of 

  • Works on any computer, tablet or phone
  • Quickly creates tasks and sets priority to the tasks
  • Sets deadlines to tasks
  • View the tasks as a timeline to see what is coming up
  • Invite and collaborate with friends in real time
  • Take notes in an outline format
  • Import tasks from other sources
  • Export tasks
Here is an example of my notes on setting goals for the new year.

Colors represent priorities
Use the @ symbol to add calendar items
Import lists
Here is a helpful video:

I highly recommend teaching your students how to use  or Google Keep for creating lists, staying organized and taking notes.


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