Monday, September 29, 2014

A Few Great Finds From My Colleagues

Here are some resources that have been shared with me by some of my colleagues. I'm so thankful when others share with me. 

#1 Abbie shared - - her students used this site to create word clouds. A really nice feature of Worditout is that a student doesn't need an account to make and save a word cloud. There are many settings to choose from. I made this word cloud by entering the URL of this blog. 

#2 Catherine shared - -  use this site to create a poster, collage, calendar or card.  Catherine gave her students choice of which tool they wanted to use to create posters for an assignment and she really liked the options this site offered. This site can also be used without creating an account. 

I created this poster in just a few minutes

#3 Pat wants to use MindMapMaker with his students.  This site is great for making a mind map and is also a nice way for students to take notes.  I created a mindmap with images to show as an example.  MindMapMaker can be linked to your Google Drive for easy sharing.  

I highly recommend giving any of these three sites a try.

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