Wednesday, April 2, 2014

iPads are as Natural as a Notebook

A few months ago, our school set of iPads were finally allowed to be taken out of the Media Center.  Prior to this, the iPads had to be used while in the Media Center. 

Throughout the past few months, it had become the routine that I go down and pick up the iPads in the morning and without even planning to, they end up in our classroom most of the day.  

What is so incredible is that my students, on their own, pick up the iPads and use them as naturally as they would use a notebook from their desks.

I'm finding that I incorporate the iPads without even planning to. It is just natural, convenient, and simple.

Here are some of the ways we have been using the iPads, naturally:

  • We used the app Explain Everything to create videos about what we had read and researched during our literacy time.
Deanna's video from Deb Norton on Vimeo.

  • We used Kahoot to write and review a chapter from a novel we are reading.

  • We used Infuse Learning to write our math problems and display them for the class to view and analyze.

  • We wrote summary paragraphs using Google Docs and collaborated in real time.

  • We created Book Trailers using iMovie
  • We created book reviews with QR codes.

  • We take our spelling tests using the Spelling City app along with doing our weekly spelling activities.

  • We used Geddit to poll our class and see how well students were understanding the content of a math lesson.

And even with all of these uses, I feel as though we are not using the iPads to their fullest capacity.  I know that there are so many other amazing uses for this touch screen device.  

I have created lessons to incorporate Augmented Reality into our lessons using either the LAYAR app or Aurasma app. Unfortunately our filters are preventing us from using the apps and I need to request that our IT department work on a solution.  

In the meantime I plan to allow my students to use the iPads whenever they are available.  After all, my students are naturals at using them!

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