Sunday, April 27, 2014

Creation Tools for Posters, Flyers and Visuals

Recently I was training some awesome teachers, and one of the biggest requests was for tools similar to Google Drawings.  So, here are some tools for students to create posters, flyers, and visuals:

#1 - Canva -

  • free
  • publish as an image or PDF
  • share the link
  • simple drag and drop

#2 - Buncee -

  • free
  • Buncee edu for teachers
  • Click and select
  • Print
  • Share on social media

#3 - Smore -

  • free (can upgrade)
  • add the elements you like
  • embed
  • share via email or link

So there you have it; three great tools similar to Google Drawing.  Today's students are creators of content and these three tools can provide a place for students to show their critical thinking, creativity and knowledge.

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